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A Brief Overview of What The Plastic Compounding

by:Zhiyuan     2020-09-25
The process of plastic compounding is used for mixing added materials into a plastic base, which is in a molten form. This is done to create a product with needed qualities and features. Modifiers and additives can create plastic with particular colors, strength, texture and other such properties. Depending on the requirements, manufacturers can make use of more than one additive into the base, during the process of plastic compounding. Each process is unique and different in every facility, as per the concerned product under production. However, this procedure has some basic common steps. First of all, the additives which may be in pellet, powder or flake form are conveyed over to containers that contain molten plastic. Several dispersal and blending steps follow this, so that the base material mixes up well with the additives in order to turn the mixture into a homogenous product. As part of the process, there may be some steps to minimize the chemical volatility of material containing color compounds. After the successful completion of all the steps, the material is left to cool down and then extruded into a pellet form. It is then packaged for sale and distribution. Polypropylene and Polyethylene are the most common types of base polymers, which are used in the process of plastic compounding. Sometimes the manufacturer can add some modifiers in the form of small pellets of powder into the base polymers. Some of the factors that makers must consider before incorporating any additives are; Particle size, additive shape, etc. these are physical properties that must be good and well-matched with base materials. Also, look for the cost of additives because even though it may improve the performance at the same time it can shoot up the product's final price, for the target market. Make sure that the additive is suitable for the particular manufacturing environment. For instance, abrasives fillers can degrade the quality of plastic compounding equipment. In addition, the dust from powered additives can pollute and contaminate the production facility. Using the process of plastic compounds, the makers can produce a number and type of products. Some of the consumer products that undergo this procedure are: furniture, toys, appliances, etc. In terms of industrial application it is used in; automotive components, construction equipment, and pipes. Because of its usage in a comprehensive range of products, In the future, this process is expected to have more use in the plastic manufacturing industry.
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