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Alesis SR16 Drum Machine

by:Zhiyuan     2020-09-19
The Alesis SR16 drum machine is a professional grade drum machine that has been used by recording artists and musicians since the 1990s. It is used by live performers, professional song writers, and sound engineers at a music studio. It comes with over 200 realistic sounding drum sounds that are indistinguishable from real acoustic drum sounds. When you play a drum or cymbal tone harder it also sounds different, it does not sound electronic or fake. This feature makes this machine indispensable to professional musicians and music studio outfits. This machine features 50 drum patterns that were recorded from real acoustic drum performed by professional drummers at a studio. The sound is not electronically enhanced or produced from a computer software. The unit offers MIDI implementation, a footswitch, editing features, and flexible programming. It has a velocity sensitive pad button and is loaded with features, although very easy to use. Seasoned drummers with a good ear cannot even differentiate the real acoustic drum sound from the sound produced by the Alesis SR16 drum machine. The machine has built-in various dynamic levels and articulations. The sound quality changes when you play the drums in different volumes, making it realistic sounding. It has 12 velocity sensitive pads with over 200 sounds for each pad. The machine measures 9.2' x 6.5' x 1.5' and weighs just 2 pounds. Pros One review made by a drummer, said that this drum machine has been around since 1991 and has been used by professionals from that time until now. Not much has changed since it was invented yet pros still prefer to use it to record their music. Newer drum machines cannot compete with the excellent sound quality despite advanced technology available today. According to a review, even people with well-trained ears cannot tell the difference of a real drum recording from one made with the Alesis SR16 drum machine. Many buyers who are professional drummers praise this machine for the quality sound it produces. It was the best in the 1990s and is still the best now. According to one review, it is the ideal tool for solo artists who do not have a professional drummer by their side. It can be used at a work studio or a home studio and is compact and light enough to transport between places. Cons One review expressed disappointment when she could not find parts for the machine. According to the buyer, the manufacturer does not produce spare parts anymore, and if the machine breaks, that will be the end of it. You will have to buy a new machine to replace it. Other people said that the customer service department was also not helpful and did not reply to inquiries. The Alesis SR16 drum machine still makes a valuable gift to professional musicians and music recorders. It is an important tool that is always present in professional or home studios. It is something that both pros and amateur musicians need to complete music today. If you want to compose some music but do not have a drummer, this drum machine will easily solve that problem.
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