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Benefits of Rapid Prototyping & 3D Model Printers

by:Zhiyuan     2020-09-07
Product Design and Development was revolutionized with print 3D technology. Everything varying from the smallest possible thing to big things has been greatly designed using the 3D technology. This technology has been quite responsible for bringing the ongoing change and advancement in product designing field. Rapid Prototyping services have provided a new vision to the product designers and have helped them to widen their concept and increase the reliability and accuracy of the design. Earlier when hand drawings were made as the prototype of any product, it used to take ages to translate the prototype into the workable model and the development team has to work upon the finalized drawing quite carefully to avoid errors. This pattern of prototyping was quite expensive and only large companies were able to avail this facility. The growth of rapid prototyping observed the invention of a new prototyping technological tool known as 3D printing prototyping. This technology enabled the designers to create a live virtual look of the product. The generated prototypes have the same look and feel that the original product will have after being manufactured. In addition to all such advancement, this technology was highly cost effective and now even small business companies can avail the benefit of this technology. The 3D model printers are used in this printing prototyping technology. The printing quality varies with printer model. There are various models of 3D printers that are available in the market. The 3D model printer requires a great mapping of coding to generate the desired output. 3D Printer may not sound affordable for homes hence there are various companies working upon the product development and design. These 3D model printers use the inkjet technology. These 3D printers render the image fed to them through special graphic software. They use fine powder such as that of plaster to shape up the product and layers are added to it in order to provide thickness. Some printers use adhesive in order to make the applied layers stick together and some use ultraviolet light to bind these layers together. Other printers use laser to fuse the powder. Being built on inkjet technology, the products can be colored differently and the appearance of the product can also be defined through the 3D printing prototyping services. The 3D printing technology has completely revolutionized the 3D printing rapid prototyping field and the prototypes created are accurate and reliable. These printers are more often seen in offices and industrial premises.
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