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Building a Homemade Electric Car With Less Than

by:Zhiyuan     2020-09-04
If you decide to build an electric car on your own, you made a good decision and it is not diffiuclt at all. If you own a lightweight, economy coupy, it is a real good choice to convert it into an electric vehicle, because it is not only real efficient, but also environmental friendly! If you turn your car into an electric vehicle it may even last longer than if using a gasoline engine, however, of course, you need to take care that everything is taken care of during the conversion process and the placement and selection of components is correct. Electric car conversion kits are easily obtained, especially for those lightweight models whose motor is located in the rear such as the Volkswagen Beetle. Converting lightweight vehicles to build your own electric car allows the owner to utilize a smaller electric motor, which is less expensive and weighs less. By having a lighter overall weight, the electric car will need less power to start and also need less power to take off and to accelerate. In many common driving conditions the traveling range per recharge is dramatically increased in the same way. If you own a sedan, or coupe, these cars are a perfect choice to convert into electric cars. If you need more room to place the batteries or more load capacitiy a compact sedan should be your favorite choice. Some of the most commonly sold EV Conversions, such as the latest Ford Ranger EV, are made using this size vehicle. One good example for an electric car conversion is the Honda Civic; it was converted into an electric car by sinking nine lead-acid flooded batteries deep into the trunk in the space where the spare tire would have been placed, by retaining the back seat, and by adding an additional nine batteries in the engine area. By placing batteries above the floorspace in the trunk, sealing and externally venting them a 1987 model Mitsubishi Tredia was converted. All of the major car manufacturers are working on plug-in electric car models and hybrids, that are suitable for everyday use. The most advanced conversions these days will let you drive about 40 miles, after that the gasoline fueled engine turns on and automatically recharges the batteries. One thing that is important: if you plan to build you rown electric car, check your local laws. If you are under the impression that it is hard to convert your car into electric, you are wrong. You can now discover how to convert your car into electric for under $300 by reading Peter's detailed, step-by-step manual! Go to Electricity4Gas
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