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by:Zhiyuan     2020-08-18
Re-design Your Website A website re-design doesn't necessarily mean that you have to start from scratch. All your website may need is a face-lift, so-to-speak. Companies that give their websites a new look tend to experience an uptick in their business. How do you know it's time to re-design your website? There are many reasons why it may be time for a new web design. Here are a few indications that it is time for a new look: -Your website is hard to navigate. -Your website design is outdated. -Your website doesn't comply with the latest web standards. -Your visitors aren't satisfied with your website. You have a high bounce rate. If you're still unsure that it is time for a website re-designed, consult with website design in Houston, TX. Companies like Skygate Media will evaluate your website and determine if it is time to re-design your website. Get Featured in a Popular Ezine or Magazine When was the last time you were featured in a popular business magazine, blog or even a newspaper article? Magazines, bloggers and other media publications are constantly looking for new material to write about. Wouldn't it be great to become a featured business in an established publication? This will not only help you gain more exposure, it can also generate more traffic to your website. To get featured in a magazine, simply contact the editorial team of the publication you want to be featured in and request for their guidelines. Some publications will ask you to write a brief summary about your business along with a photo and contact information (website url, phone, etc). Once reviewed, they will contact you if they're interested in featuring you in their next issue. Try getting featured in an established publication that has a high ranking website. This will increase your chances of getting more quality traffic to your website. Warning: before you start submitting inquiries to publications, make sure you have a high end web design. Most publications only feature businesses that have a well designed website. Respond to Your Social Media Fans Avoid ignoring your social media fans. It is amazing how so many entrepreneurs ignore their social media inquiries and blog comments. The purpose of having social media and a blog is to communicate with people. People hate being ignored. If you don't have time to socialize with your fans, such as monitoring your blog comments and social media comments, hire a professional consultant to do it for you. A consultant will dedicate time to respond to each comment in an engaging manner. There is nothing more frustrating to a potential customer than posting a compliment about 'how great your website looks' only to be ignored. A simple 'Thank You' doesn't require much effort. Your fans will take notice when you communicate with others. They'll also take notice when you ignore your comments and posts. There are several other effective ways of getting more clients online. When you follow the three tips above, this will help improve your chances of getting noticed by new customers. To find out further details about Web Design Houston, TX visit Skygate Media at: This talented web design team specializes in high end website design, best content management system integration, web development,3d prototyping, SEO and much more. For More Info Please Visit:
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