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Components of a Superior Roofing System

by:Zhiyuan     2020-08-24
Like other structural components, roofing systems also consist of subparts that play important roles in maintaining a leak-free building. Some parts are meant for providing support, while other parts are responsible for proper drainage and protection. The framing underneath possesses sufficient strength to carry and hold together the exposed roofing materials. Additional support is needed if a mechanical vent or new and heavier materials will be installed. A homeowner must understand some of the most important components of roofing system to determine the need for immediate repair. The trusses and rafters are the major framing components of the roof. The trusses carry direct load, while the rafters carry distributed load. Depending on the shape and size of the structure, the dimension and style of both components may vary. Round-shaped roofing, for example, may require arc-shaped trusses. The rafters that will be laid across may come in different lengths. Their task is to support all other components that will be placed through them. They transfer the load to the beams and columns of the structure. Prior to the shingles, tiles, or roofing panels, builders in prominent cities like Annapolis install the decking first. Often referred to as the substrate or underlayment, the deck can be made of plywood, wood board, or plank, depending on the computed capacity of the trusses and rafters. This part serves both as a further support and as insulation. It prevents heat from radiating to the ceiling and down into the house. Shingles or panels are installed next. They are the most visible roofing components and serve as protection against the anticipated climatic elements. Roofers Annapolis roofing companies send out to the field observe certain standards in placing pieces of shingles one after another, finding out that some builders use a double layer arrangement to ensure waterproof roofing. The first three feet of the roof from the edge is called the eaves. This is extended outward from the edge of the wall to protect the siding and the windows Annapolis builders also install. It is extended further by the gutter, which catches water conveyed by the roof. Below the eaves can be a fascia board, which enhances the appearance by adding trimming. It also prevents water from backing up and saturating the soil adjacent to the structure. Above the roof, two panels usually meet to form the ridge. This is covered by a metal flashing to prevent permeation of water. When two panels meet below and form a V-shaped depression called valley. Roofers Annapolis recommends make sure the flashings on these areas are well-built to prevent leak.
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