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We provide 3d Printing Rapid Prototyping Service for Drawing. Prototype can be designed  according to customer’s requirements.

3D printing is using computer models, and turns them into real, physical things. It takes plastic filament (PLA or ABS, WOOD,TPU,PETG,PMMA,ASA.....), of course you can print what you want. Currently, it’s used in automotive parts manufacturing, medical device customization and etc. In the future, as the demand for metal 3D printing in the aerospace, marine and nuclear industries is growing, the 3D printing application will be further expanded.  

Specifically, compared with the traditional industrial product manufacturing process, with 3D printing technology and equipment, staff can use computer software to draw a graphic of a certain product and print its three-dimensional shape. After careful observation and careful analysis, staff can modify the corresponding parameters to adjust the function of the parts to the best condition.Our advantage:Short cycle; Low cost; Simple operation ;Unlimited space; High accuracy; Combinations of materials; Short time.

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