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Different Uses of Polystyrene

by:Zhiyuan     2020-08-16
Polystyrene is all around us in many shapes and sizes. You will not even remember in how many various types you have seen it around. Blocks, strips, sheets, foam, you name it and it is there. When any of us will be asked, about the various uses of Polystyrene, our obvious answer surely will be packaging. This answer is obvious because we have seen polystyrene there. But there is more to it. Polystyrene have a huge number of uses. Some of them are listed below: Packaging: This is the most widely recognized used of polystyrene. It is used in the packaging industry to give protection to various delicate and fragile goods such as electronics, crockery items, handicrafts and home appliances, the list will go on and on. Stuffing the box with polystyrene packaging products will protect the packed good from jerks or pressure that it may face while shipping. It also safeguards it from conditions like extreme temperature or moisture. Packaging products comes in various shapes and size like polystyrene beads, custom designed polystyrene boxes or polystyrene sheets. More and more advanced forms of packaging products are manufactured to meet complex packaging requirements. Disposable plates, glasses and cutlery items: Polystyrene is also used for making disposable plates and glasses, food and dairy containers, baskets, fast food containers, closures and vending cups. You must have also eaten various items in these disposable at a restaurant or a food van near you. In fact, you must have purchased these for a birthday party or anniversary party. Insulation: Polystyrene is a perfect solution to isolate heat or cold and is thus used in the form of rigid foam in household refrigerators and freezers and in cold storage rooms. You will not be able to see it outside the equipment but it is there inside the machine. Polystyrene is also widely used in insulation of buildings. It is filled in the cavity made between two walls. This form of insulation is gaining popularity because it acts an excellent insulating material. It prevents transfer of heat by breaking the medium of wall. All this is due to its thermal and moisture resistance property. Furniture and other items: Flexible foams is yet another type of Polystyrene and is used in furniture cushions, pillows, mattresses and car seats. High density foam can also be used in many differing applications such as car bumpers, home appliance cabinets and even airplane wings. Prototyping and 3D Models: Many firms make prototypes and 3d models of their products with the help of polystyrene before final production starts. In fact, you all must have at some point of time made mountain terrain and various types of science projects with the help of this interesting polymer. This magical polymer is injection molded or extruded and is used in many forms and types as we have already discussed above. Further, it can also be recycled easily. To know more about Polystyrene products and models visit at
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