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Fundamentals of Rapid Prototyping and 3D Prototype

by:Zhiyuan     2020-08-08
Rapid prototyping is the phenomenon where physical objects or software are automatically developed from solid freeform fabrication. Based on design data, 3D objects are being created. Rapid prototyping systems are used in industries such as engineering, information, insurance, finance, technical, designing, health care, utilities, aeronautics, public admin, automotive, defense, and consumer products. It is also redefined as the simulation process for concept designing through digital capabilities of computer. 3D models created by rapid prototyping are the best way of presenting and communicating ideologies among stakeholders. These prototypes also aid in design testing. Rapid prototyping makes thinking process more real, achievable, faster and affordable. Product prototyping services includes SLA Rapid Prototypes, 3D Metal Multi-shot Molding, Poly Jet Insert Molding and as per customer demands. Product Prototyping Process starts from sketching out an experimental scheme and developing proof-of-concept including all the required technical and non-technical specifications. Once the blueprint of product process achieves the ultimate customer satisfaction, architecting and building the prototype begins. The development procedure of a prototype involves large scale testing by control group. The third step of product prototyping process involves real time behavior analysis and testing of product against the customer demands. The prototype is being tested in both virtual and practical environment. Depending upon the satisfactory rating of the tests, the final prototypes is been created. Rapid prototyping help designers for better conceptualization and physical understanding of the product concept. It makes product designers to acknowledge how the product will fare-out to meet current scenario market trends. Prototyping enable designers to get an idea how the product is going to roll in early stages of the development. Rapid prototyping can also be considered as a tracking and tracing tool for product development life cycle for filling the gaps and loopholes in the process design. There are many merits of rapid prototyping techniques like it helps in minimizing cost and risk associated with the development process. It provides the feasibility that - unless or until the blueprint of the product design receives complete satisfaction, nothing is going to be designed. The brilliant visual capabilities of virtually constructed ideologies make the user get an idea of how the final byproduct is going look like. For more information please contact
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