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Happy Dragon Boat Festival


It's time for Dragon Boat Festival.Do you know the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival? Let me introduce it.

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. It is one of the most important Chinese festivals, the other two being the Autumn Moon Festival and Chinese New Year.

The origin of this summer festival centers around a scholarly government official named Chu Yuan. He was a good and respected man, but because of the misdeeds of jealous rivals he eventually fell into disfavor in the emperor's court.
  Unable to regain the respect of the emperor, in his sorrow Chu Yuan threw himself into the Mi Low river. Because of their admiration for Chu Yuan, the local people living adjacent to the Mi Lo River rushed into their boats to search for him while throwing rice into the waters to appease the river dragons. Although they were unable to find Chu Yuan, their efforts are still commemorated today during the Dragon Boat Festival.

During the festival,we will see dragon boat race,eat zongzi,wear sachet and so on to commemorate Chu Yuan.At last,all staff of zhiyuan group wish all a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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