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How about production process for rapid prototyping and manufacturing ?
Any high-quality product can't be manufactured without exquisite craftsmanship and flexible production processes. In order to make the finished product - rapid prototyping and manufacturing popular and highly recognized among customers, many manufacturers in the market strictly carry out every production process following international standards. It all begins with the product appearance design. The next is sample making, then confirmation, and then manufacturing in quantity. Strict quality tests including performance testing and service life testing are performed throughout the whole production process.

Taizhou Zhiyuan Trading Co.,Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of plastic components. We have been progressing with sound steps and accumulating experience over the years. Zhiyuanhas created a number of successful series, and lamp parts is one of them. The high-quality material and innovative technology make Zhiyuanstamping parts manufacturer of the finest craftsmanship. Processed by CNC machines, it features high dimension accuracy. This product has good air permeability. Its fabric structure is breathable material, with air, water and steam permeability. The product undergoes CNC laser cutting, which reduces the surface roughness.

We hope that in terms of the 3d prototyping development, we can become a pioneer in the industry. Welcome to visit our factory!
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