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How You Can Have Cutting Edge Technology at Your

by:Zhiyuan     2020-07-26
Most people have seen a movie in 3D at the theater, but they aren't aware that this same technology is moving out of the movies and into a new world of modeling and virtual reality. It isn't just a future technology anymore, today it is becoming a reality. How can this technology help you, and how do you gain access to it? The answers are right at your fingertips. How are these technologies moving out of the entertainment world and helping businesses? Everyone recalls the beginnings of 3D, but today this technology has come a long way. 3D and virtual reality are at the cutting edge of business today, providing companies with the ability to demonstrate products, provide live 3D models, and present their services in ways that were previously unheard of. Imagine the ability to share a 3-dimensional model of your product with potential clients from the comfort of their own home or office - anywhere in the world. Or the ability to create a virtual storefront where people can truly feel they have walked right into a whole new space. It's not science fiction - these things are truly becoming a reality. Creating a prototype of a product has traditionally been a long and laborious process. But today, 3-dimensional printers can create a model or prototype quickly and accurately. Just as you are used to printing out a photo of an object, you can 'print' an actual model of it. This allows you to bring ideas to life easily, as well as to work on them and present them whenever they are needed. Rapid prototyping is at the cutting edge of model design, and means entrepreneurs have a new tool at their disposal for bringing their ideas to life. This is only the surface of the new technology available and what it can do for business today; the applications are nearly endless. A closer look at the new technology. 3-D Presentations. New technology can now create three-dimensional displays to create sales and marketing as well as training presentations that go beyond the PowerPoint presentations we have all become used to seeing. Interactive programs for learning and exploring, virtual and holographic images and prototypes - the range of uses for this technology is nearly limitless. Imagine medical professionals being able to create a holographic image of a patient, creating the possibility of consulting from across many miles on surgical and other treatment approaches. Rapid Prototyping. The creation of a prototype quickly and easily is at hand. Just like sending a document to a printer, this technology allows the image of a prototype to be sent to a three-dimensional 'printer' where the prototype is created. Highly detailed prototypes can be created in a fraction of the time, moving business forward more quickly. Benefits across a wide range of fields can be easily envisioned - imagine the creation of a prototype for a new artificial limb - made real and testable in a fraction of the time. CAVE (Computer Animated Virtual Reality). Imagine visiting another location - anywhere in the world, without actually going there. Virtual reality is making it possible. The technology that allows you to feel as if you are actually in a location thousands of miles away is only just starting to see the incredible range of applications for business. Having customers visit your virtual store, seeing and hearing the sounds of a retail environment while making a purchase - it is in the near future with this technology. How can these technologies be accessed? You don't need to be a Hollywood producer or a Fortune 500 company anymore to gain access to the latest technology. The world has changed, and the communities being formed via the internet provide new opportunities for established businesses and new entrepreneurs alike. Creating and presenting an idea has never been easier thanks to the move of 3D towards more practical applications, and gaining access to that technology has never been easier either. Making the right connections with the right people has always been the key to gaining access to the newest available products and services, and today that hasn't changed. The difference is, today those connections are simpler to achieve, because the internet allows easier access to a wide variety of people and products.
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