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It is Getting Easier to Recycle Automobiles

by:Zhiyuan     2020-07-08
People have been buying automobiles for decades; and every time a new version of the same car comes out, buyers often sell the older model and move up to the newer one. This they do for two reasons. Firstly, newer models are more fuel efficient being lighter with better parts that give better handling and greater fuel-efficiency. Secondly, they just look better as some prefer having the latest model. How the newer cars are better than the ones that were produced a decade ago is not just because they are fuel-efficient and deliver better handling but also because they are easier to dismantle and disassemble at the scrap yards in Dubai. Vehicles in the past were always designed to be stronger, robust and even unbreakable which is why people bought them-they were simply more reliable. But once the automobile was no longer roadworthy, they were harder to dismantle leading to a pile up of a large number of vehicles in Dubai's scrap yards. Scrap metal recyclers in Dubai used to have a tough time dismantling such vehicles due to their design. They were designed to last long-too long in fact-which became a bit of a problem, when it came to breaking them up bit by bit for metal recycling. Manufacturers of big brands soon understood the dilemma and the fact that the parts of older automobiles could be used to make the new ones. The metals used in older models could be re-melted and sold again as raw feedstock back to manufacturers. They also understood that extracting new virgin material for building new cars was more expensive when compared to recycled metals during the manufacturing process. This is why they started designing cars that could easily be broken down with minimal effort so that they could be recycled quickly and more efficiently. Some even started minimizing the use of metal and included more plastic parts so that the remaining parts (apart from the larger metal components such as radiators used as copper scrap) could be turned into 'auto-fluff' and gotten rid of with minimal effort. Metal recyclers in Dubai have played a big part in making those metal components available to manufacturers worldwide. Yes, your car which you got depolluted and then recycled may end up in the form of processed sheet metal for a new car in another part of the planet altogether. This is culling the need for mining to produce virgin ores for manufacturing use-reducing the damage done to nature. So go ahead and buy that vehicle with better fuel efficiency which saves both the environment and some money from your wallet.
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