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The luminaire fittings are some of the accessories associated with the luminaire and are the fittings for the assembly and forming conditions of the luminaire.

Lighting accessories include light source, terminal, sensor, converter, adapter, light box, magnetic ballast, electronic ballast, acrylic accessories, plastic parts, special lamps, filaments, electronic components, capacitors, brackets, hardware, Ceramic parts, plastic parts, glass parts, die-casting parts, rectifiers, starters, transformers, voltage regulators, wires, sockets, plugs, switches, lamp holders, lamp holders, lamp holders, optical fibers, crystal parts, lamps, lamp posts , lampshade, base, center pillar, bulb, weight block, bottom plate. There are many small accessories depending on the protection requirements. Such as rubber plugs, shackles, binding posts, crimping, pipe plugs, pipe screws, gaskets, etc.

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