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The manufacture of plastic parts includes: plastic seals; plastic insulation parts, machinery and instrument plastic parts; plastic headband earpieces; plastic parts for electronic products; plastic parts for lamps and plastic parts for lighting equipment; auto parts; furniture; plastic tool box; car creeper; plastic bottle; barrel; container; baby car seat; toys; plastic hospital bed parts; plastic flower pot; plastic bellows; tube; plastic trash can..,etc all kinds of blow molding plastic products.


Plastic parts are made by material including ABS, PC, PP, PS, POM, PMMA, PBT, PVC, PA6, PA66, PA66+30%GF, PTFE, PC+ABS, TPE,etc. It’s used in Household utility ware, auto components, Computer electronics, Electronics components, Marketing samples, Medical & dental products,Model shops, toys, hobby, New product design & development, Furniture Design,Civil Engineering, Construction, Marine Industry, Garden Products, Military industry.

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