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Plastics And Responsible Mining Practices

by:Zhiyuan     2020-06-19
The growing worldwide demand for industrial minerals has made sustainable and environmentally responsible mining practices more important than ever. By adopting responsible mining practices, it becomes possible to maintain the viability of mining sites for a longer period of time, reduce the costs associated with their operation, and make it easier to reuse the site for other purposes once mineral extraction is ended. One way to achieve these goals is to increase the use of plastics in the mining process. Plastic has a number of advantages over the use of metal components. It is less vulnerable to corrosion, can be easily recycled, and is less likely to result in toxic leakage at the mining site. Core trays are one example of a component where plastic is rapidly displacing traditional metal construction, improving the sustainability of the mining process while reducing incidental pollution. When comparing plastic core trays to their metal equivalents, there are several advantages that immediately spring to mind. Plastic trays have a very high level of resistance to organic chemicals, which eliminates the danger of contaminating cores from the rust of a metal tray. Additionally, trays that are made from plastic are flexible and durable, enabling them to easily withstand the conditions found at mining sites. The ability to use one piece moulding techniques also eliminates the danger of welds and rivets coming loose and damaging or destroying cores. Finally, plastic trays have rounded edges and will remain cool in the outdoor sun, making them safer for workers to use. Beyond these mechanical advantages, plastic is a substance that can be easily recycled. When no longer needed, plastic components can be compacted into a convenient form and sent back for recycling. This eliminates a great deal of the waste that can otherwise result in long-term environmental damage or require expensive clean up procedures. Additionally, recycling plastic components will reduce the overall costs of the mining process. By reducing operating costs and the loss of material through accidents and contamination, the use of plastics can dramatically improve the profitability of a mining site, without having to compromise in terms of its environmental impact. To the contrary, these benefits can be attained while reducing the overall costs associated with the mining process. By working to adopt the use of plastic components in addition to other responsible mining practices, it becomes possible to dramatically improve the efficiency and longevity of the mining process.
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