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Several Problems With Pinnacle Hip Implants

by:Zhiyuan     2020-06-16
Developing new products and techniques that make valuable difference in their patient's lives, DePuy Orthopedics has been the leading the path in surgical breakthroughs for decades Launched at 2001, their product the Pinnacle Hip Replacement System aimed to provide solution to pelvic diseases and hip pains.However, since the release to the market, DePuy has been receiving reports claiming of different hip problems against the product. Not long ago, this manufacturer which belongs to Johnson & Johnson recalled its other product ASR Hip Replacement system due to the failure of the device. It may not take a long time before Pinnacle Hip Solutions follows its footstep and restitution for those harmed by this product might come in sight. According to the reports patients of the Pinnacle implants manifest a number of signs of device failure.Some reports are of the unexplained hip pain years after the primary hip repair. Hip pain may indicate a problem with the implant and DePuy pinnacle patients need to see their doctor to prevent further hip damage and as well as unnecessary hip pains. The Pinnacle implant is a metal-to-metal device made of two metal components: the femoral head or the 'ball' and a metal liner in the acetabular cup or the 'socket' As the two metals constantly rub against each other, friction scrape off particles of metallic ions that accumulate in the surrounding tissue.This event called metallosis or metal poisoning may bring more serious systemic effects as metallic particles flow through the bloodstream. Metallosis or metal poisoning is accountable for the majority of the 1,300 complaints filed by people against the DePuy Pinnacle implants since the year it was launched. The components may loosen, migrate or snap free of the hipbone, also called the acetabulum.While hip implant loosening is a common hip complication associated with ASR models, the similar problem has been investigated on Pinnacle implants. Implant dislocation is another complication, probably the most painful one, which may happen to hip replacement recipients. Hip replacement dislocation occurs when the 'ball' breaks free of the 'socket' of the hip replacement device. While this is another complaint ASR is commonly accused of, all eyes are on DePuy's Pinnacle to determine if will have the same breakdown. Any ailment that you suffered relating to the Pinnacle hip implants can serve as a basis for a DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit.You do not need to go through these ordeals.
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