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Shaping Irregular Components With Independent Chuck Jaws

by:Zhiyuan     2020-06-16
The vast majority of metal components are of standard shapes which have regular dimensions. This makes the manufacturing of them relatively simple and they can be machined using self-centring chuck jaws. This means that all of the clamps are moved in unison so that equal pressure is applied to the object being clamped. However, if an object is more irregular in its shape then the machining process becomes more complicated and speciality clamping solution is required. Read on to learn how independent chucks jaws could be the answer. How they work Independent chuck jaws are usually operated manually as opposed to being controlled by a computer console. This allows each jaw to be manoeuvred exactly as required through the use of its own positioning system. With self-centring chuck jaws this is not possible as all jaws are attached to and positioned by one worm wheel. As the handle of the wheel is turned all jaws move in unison. What they provide No matter how many jaws self-centring chuck jaws have; it is often impossible for them to generate enough clamping force to hold an irregular object securely in place. Independent chuck jaws on the other hand are ideally suited to this kind of application. Through careful and independent positioning of the jaws it is possible to clamp the item being shaped with the required force to prevent it from moving during the machining process. This is something that is essential for manufacturers and enables them to consistently produce quality items that are precise is their dimensions.
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