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The Depuy Pinnacle Hip Implant

by:Zhiyuan     2020-06-12
A growing number of reports of problems with the all-metal version of the DePuy Pinnacle Hip Implant have been received, bringing the total number of complaints made to the FDA in 2011 to over 1,200. This number compares to only a few less than that for the DePuy ASR version of the hip implant device during the same time period. Many personal injury lawsuits relating to the Pinnacle implant are now pending in a Texas federal court under a multidistrict litigation lawsuit. Concerns have steadily grown that the Pinnacle, as well as other metal on metal hip implant devices are responsible for discharging small metal particles as the metal components rub against one another. These particles have been shown to cause the breakdown of surrounding tissue, loss of bone mass as well as the formation of benign tumors. The metal shavings which are released from the Pinnacle can also cause cobalt poisoning. Cobalt poisoning has a wide variety of serious effects on the body, including ringing in the ears, frequent bouts of vertigo, convulsions, chronic and serious headaches, hypothyroidism, and even deafness or blindness. Still other patients who have the Pinnacle implant have suffered severe inflammation in the areas surrounding the implant. Many believe the Pinnacle lawsuits may rival those of the ASR hip implant since the Pinnacle has been on the market a number of years prior to the introduction of the ASR. In only the past three months of 2011, over seven hundred reports of adverse side effects from the Pinnacle have been filed, begging the question as to why the Pinnacle has not yet been recalled by the FDA. DePuy continues to sell the Pinnacle hip implant despite the rising number of serious side effects despite the fact that they voluntarily recalled their ASR implant when adverse events were reported. 'Let me state this for the record: the DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Device has NOT been recalled, but it does bear a similar 'metal on metal' design that contributed to the recall of its fellow implant device, the DePuy ASR,' asserts Managing Partner, Andrew Sullo, who goes on to state that 'As such, we feel a responsibility to reach out to those individuals who may at this very moment be suffering the detrimental effects of a potentially harmful hip implant that has been unfortunately not been taken off the market.' Sullo & Sullo Attorneys are extremely knowledgeable regarding the circumstances surrounding the DePuy Hip Implants and their potentially serious side effects. Their legal team is ready to represent those who have suffered harm from DePuy hip replacement failure, and welcome the opportunity to speak with those who feel they are a victim of this type of product defect.
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