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The Performance of Components in the Computer

by:Zhiyuan     2020-06-09
All components in your computer are required for its operation. But there are a few that you cannot do without and the first is the computer power supply. You can have everything in perfect order but if there's no power to operate, your computer will be only a steel box with bits and pieces of metal that are of no use. It's only when you plug the cable that leads from the computer power supply to a source of power that the machine gets booted and opens up for you to carry out your tasks. If at any time your power supply system gets damaged, before throwing it out, you must take the dimensions before going out to buy a new CPU because it should be able to fit into the computer case. Today's computer cases are a far cry from those huge old monstrosities we used to have at the start. Gamers are of course more interested in getting a case that could fit all their ports and cooling fans because cooling is imperative for a gaming computer to keep the components from getting heated and damaging the machine. Computer cases can also be bought in different materials and colors today with gaming fanatics even going for transparent cases where you can see the inside the computer with its LED lighting. Some cases today are made out of plastic and fiber glass with even the fans made in different colored plastics to give it a retro look. The usual computer user does not bother much about the motherboard because it's to them something inside the case that makes the computer work. But it's the motherboard that is responsible for the performance of your machine and has a major say in how the CPU, memory and hard disc works. The motherboard is also the circuitry board where all the elements come together and provides connection between each component. Surprisingly however, no one speaks of a reputed brand when it comes to the selection of the motherboard. There are different types of motherboards in the market but it's the chipset in it that is considered important with the high end chipset known as NVIDIA and the cheaper ones as SiS You must have heard many times people talking about needing a high end graphics card because what they have is not sufficient for their needs. As you must be aware, all new computers have the graphics card integrated into it making it possible for us to watch movies, surf the web etc. But when you need to multi task or play video games continuously or even create graphics, you will definitely need a high powered graphics card. The problem however is that its not easy to gauge how much graphics you need for what you do and therefore you have to take it as you go and hope what you have installed is sufficient for your work. If you're in the process of throwing out your CRT computer monitor and getting yourself a large flat screen monitor, your best option is to go for a LED monitor which is considered the best among today's computer monitors. A large screen will provide you with more space for all your applications and also off you more in the way of enjoyment when watching movies because they come with 3D capabilities. But if the price of the LED is beyond you, it's certainly OK to settle for an LCD monitor which you can buy for a much cheaper price.
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