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The Three Components of a Regular Electronic Cigarette

by:Zhiyuan     2020-06-08
Using ecigarette is a healthy alternative to stop smoking. It is a device that can simulate the effect of smoking without simulating the hazardous effect. It is cheap yet safe to use whenever you feel like you want to puff. As an alternative to traditional smoking, ecigarette can be our hope towards a cleaner air without second smoke lingering towards us. A regular electronic cigarette has three components. It is composed of an atomizer, the battery and a cartridge. 1. Atomizer. The atomizer acts as the heating device of the battery operated cigarette. The atomizer turns the liquid into a vapour or a mist so that once you puff; there will be a smoke coming out of your pipe- simulating a real cigarette's smoke. Due to burn outs, atomizer should be change from time to time> Normal life span of an atomizer is 4 months. 2. The battery. The battery gives the electric power to the atomizer to heat up. It can be rechargeable or disposable. There are different kinds of batteries designed for ecigarettes with the aim to produce the longest life. A regular kit normally comes with a battery with a protective case. 3. The cartridge. The cartridge is the long body of an electronic cigarette. The other end is attached to the atomizer while the other end serves as the mouthpiece. Along the cartridge embeds a string plastic where liquid nicotine is being placed. This nicotine is called e-liquid. Most cartridges are refillable while there are some that are disposable. Cartridges come in different colour and sizes. How does it produce a smoking sensation like a real cigarette can? The process of smoking an electric cigarette is also called 'wicking'. Once the atomizer, cartridge and the battery gets set up, the battery powers up, it warms up the atomizer and turns the e-liquid into a vapour once inhaled. There is no actual combustion happening so the nicotine doesn't get burn up. In this instance, there is no fear of inhaling any nicotine smoke or second smoke especially if you are puffing in a public place. It can be denied that electric cigarette is getting more and more popular due to its friendly nature. No smoke, no ashes and no smell cigarette. No tar or nicotine to inhale. It might be different in some other way but for the main purpose of smoking, it is almost the same as a real cigarette. Give it a try and have a smoke free cigarette at home around your kids.
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