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Understanding the Differences in Deburring Machine Options

by:Zhiyuan     2020-05-31
When you think of a deburring machine, you may think one solution fits all situations. That is wrong. Deburring problems abound in metal part manufacturing. Metal parts range in size from very small to extremely large. A single solution is not going to work for each type. In reality, most metal parts have their own unique variations of burrs showing up and rough edges appearing. A good deburring solution will handle the needs of the particular part. Here are some differences in deburring machine options: Portable - Many machining shops need a deburring application that they can take to different places in the shop. A portable deburring machine is the ideal answer for them. These machines come with heavy duty wheels that can lock into place once you have it where you want it. Then your workers can get the job done in the place that makes the most sense. You can then take the machine to the next job or place it out of the way until it's needed. Conveyor fed - For manufacturing lines, conveyor fed deburring applications just make sense. These machines take parts from different conveyor belts and feed them into the deburring machine. In some cases robots will move the pieces into place. In others the conveyor will actually place the part into the machine. In either case, no human intervention is needed. Worker fed - In many cases, manually fed machines are the best solution. When a piece is bulky or does not travel on a conveyor, a man can move the piece into the machine and then out of it when the work is done. These machines are useful in small job shops as well as places where large pieces are not easy to convey into the machine. Single Use - Metal parts coming off a manufacturing line in large quantities often require a deburring machine that can handle a single part at the fastest rate possible. These single use machines will do the same work over and over again. They often only have one recipe in their controls and they will never stop doing the work until you shut the machine off. Multiple Use - If you make multiple parts in small batches, having a multiple use machine makes sense. These machines store multiple recipes that allow them to deburr multiple pieces. It gives a shop an advantage of getting many uses out of the same deburring machine.
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