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Vial Washing Machine

by:Zhiyuan     2020-05-23
The automatic Vial Washing Machine is meant to wash vials with slightest contact of machine parts with vials. Machines are specially made of designed inverter system which changes the direction to reverse or invert. The machine is apt for pharmaceutical industries and the vials travel in neck down fashion in continuous motion, above the washing needles spraying continuous jet for different washing cycles. The machines can wash up to 200-300 vials per minute taking into consideration the specifications of the machine. Types of Vial Washing Machine Linear Vial Washing Machine: The machine is equipped with automatic loading and unloading system connected by a conveyor belt. In fact in these machines wash cycle and washing time can be adjusted as per the requirements. Inner and outer vial washing ensures total cleaning and sterilization. The machine is also armed with hot air system for automatic and quick drying of washed vials. Rotary Vial Washing Machine: The machine comprises a rotary station with jet cleaning for improved and quicker cleaning of vials. Rotary design of machine leads to increased productivity and yield. While wash cycle and washing time can be accustomed as per washing requirements, the inner and outer vial washing assure of total cleaning and sterilization. The machine also an inbuilt hot air system for automatic and quick drying of washed vials. Features of Vial Washing Machine * All contact parts are crafted of stainless steel * Apt for 2ml to 50ml size. * Can be tailor-made as per requirements of customer. * Each washing zone in the equipment is provided with independent circuit to avoid contamination. * Mechanical infeed and exit of Vials. Application of Vial Washing Machine * Neutraceutical * Chemical * Pharmaceutical Demand of Vial Machines in the international markets India and Singapore Prominent Places to source Vial Washing Machine from India Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, New Delhi, Thane, Ambala Cantt, Ankleshwar, Chennai, Indore, Jamnagar, Kalol, Kalol, Umbergaon, Vadodara, Valsad is a leading B2B portal from India that has listed on its directory leading suppliers, exporters and manufacturers dealing in array of quality Vial Washing Machines from all across India. URL :
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