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Vibration Analysis For Washing Machines

by:Zhiyuan     2020-05-23
Washing machines have become an integral part of our day-to-day domestic lives. While performing their function, these machines are bound to have some vibration. However, the chances of breakdown increase over a period of time with the increase in the machinery vibration. Failure or breakdown of such machinery can lead to heavy expenses and wastage of time. It is as crucial to detect problems and take corrective measures early on in the case of such domestic equipment as it is for industrial machinery. Testing instruments such as vibration analyzers have been developed to measure a machine's vibration level and assign it a numerical value. Implementing testing methodologies such as vibration test systems help ensure continued, safe and productive operations of the equipment. Vibration analysis typically helps detect when a particular machine is developing an issue and also identifies the exact nature of the problem to be corrected. A common problem faced by drum-type as well as front-loading washing machines is the wear-and-tear of machine parts and joints of floor supports due to repetitive use of the washer's spin cycle. Vibration-related problems in washing machines also arise due to imbalanced load, blockage in the water pumps and issues in the coupling, motor bearings, drum brakes or transmission and drive belt tension. Up until recently it was difficult to conduct a comprehensive vibration analysis for washing machines. Introduction of newer technologies in vibration test systems and new-age vibration analyzers now allow technicians to freely test the vibration of the machine's outer tub, frame as well as the force to the floor in several unbalanced conditions. Typically, it is the dynamic forces created on operating the machine that leads to increase in vibration over a period of time. Vibration analysis helps keep a regular check on the machines, thus ensuring minimum wear, corrosion and imbalance. Employing vibration measurement equipment further helps maintain the physical integrity of the washing machines by ensuring minimal vibrations. Employing vibration test systems on washing machines help check for misalignments in bearings and gears; look for any imbalance in the rotating components; deterioration of any parts, hydraulic problems in fans, blowers and pumps if any; and resonance. Whether you own a Laundromat, or a personal washing machine, avoid risking long-term damage and costly repairs by investing in vibration test systems. Conducting regular vibration analysis gives long-term benefits in terms of predictive maintenance and quality control.
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