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Welcome to visit our factory!


With the development of bussiness,Zhiyuan Group plans to upgrade all machines to meet different manufacturing needs.Various machines joined ZHIYUAN Group equipments family. The injection machines' sizes ranging from 90Ton to 200 Tons. With these new equipments, we will have much more capacity for in-house injection molding, from prototyping to on-demand manufacturing.

Zhiyuan Group provides timely and high-quality injection molding from prototyping, on-demand manufacturing to high volume production. zhiyuan Group will keep increasing our machine list and enlarging our manufacturing capacity to meet our clients' needs.

If you are interested,Welcome to visit our factory.Our factory address is followed:

 1. Baiguo Village, Fengnan Road, Jiaojiang district, Taizhou , ZheJiang,China (Mainland)   

 2. Xinquan Industry Zone, Huangyan district, Taizhou , ZheJiang,China (Mainland)     

 3. Gu'an Village, Gaoqiao Town, Yinzhou District,Ningbo , ZheJiang,China (Mainland)    


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