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Why Scrap Metal Trading is Good For The Environment

by:Zhiyuan     2020-05-25
Scrap metal trading has been in existence for a long time. Things have changed since then for the good, in terms of the outlook and the scale of operations. No longer is scrap metal trading a small one man business, it is today a billion dollar industry which keeps growing by the year. The situation About 400 million tonnes of metal are recycled each year and this happens mainly because of the scrap metal recycler. Metals have been utilized in a variety of equipment, electronics, appliances, vehicles as well as in construction. When these products have reached the end of their lifecycle, they are often disposed off by consumers which usually end up in landfills. Consumer products and appliances may contain toxic components along with their metal and plastic counterparts which will find their way into groundwater streams polluting them for years on end. Virgin metal production (mining and processing) today even after the entry of environmental norms, still pollutes the environment to quite an extent. The economics All metal products are valuable because of the simple fact that energy and money have been utilized to mould and turn them into products. Few people in today's busy world actually take the trouble to deliver old appliances to the scrap yards. When new replacements are purchased, some retailers actually offer discounts on old products taking them in. At times retailers even offer scrapping services for a price which helps reduce the load of metal waste in environment. Such programs and other initiatives help scrap metal recyclers get back from the masses, products in the form of metals. Thus, a scrap metal recycler becomes a vital link in the chain of metal recycling by gathering and delivering metal back to manufacturers for processing. At their production lines, scrap metal again gets remoulded to be turned into shiny, brand new finished products. Recycling metal and providing them in the right form for manufacturers is also cost effective for manufacturers which is why they prefer recycled metals compared to obtaining virgin via mining and processing which can be an expensive affair. Scrap metal recycling is a vital and ongoing process because About 400 million tonnes of metal are recycled each year. This saves millions of tonnes of metal from going into landfills and degrading the environment. The energy savings raked in because of the metals that get recycled is massive when compared to obtaining those similar metals from scratch. Metal recycling also reduces the amount of pollution that results from processing and refining of metals. The Lucky Group, a leading scrap metal trading company in the UAE have been on the forefront of the metal recycling revolution from past 3 decades and are growing and expanding their footprint by the year. Apart from being a scrap metal recycler in Dubai, they also are an aluminium alloy manufacturer in Dubai with interests in secondary aluminium and semi-primary alloy manufacturing. To know more about the Lucky Group and its modern facilities, kindly visit them online at:
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