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Wisconsin Oil Analysis Lab

by:Zhiyuan     2020-05-21
When human beings get a medical checkup the doctor takes samples of blood and urine. When industrial machinery is checked out the oils, lubricants and coolant fluids are tested for the same reason. Heavy equipment failure can be accurately predicted - and usually avoided - through a careful oil sample analysis. The clues pointing to possible breakdown of equipment is nearly always found in the oil itself, which contains residues caused by machine parts that are wearing out. TricoCorp To The Rescue TricoCorp has established one of the top fluid analysis laboratories in existence. The company has set up a battery of testing programs that analyzes industrial oils for any sign of molecular changes or contaminants. These tests indicate the overall health of the machinery in question. The idea behind sample oil testing is to collect data relevant to the particular piece of machinery from which the oil was taken. Companies using heavy industrial equipment know that the oils, lubricants, solvents and cooling liquids used in the machinery become worn out after a time and must be replaced. The reason these fluids become degraded is their interaction with moving machine parts, high heat and contamination from outside sources. TricoCorp performs a complete oil sample analysis and produces a detailed report on what causes the changes in oil composition. This information is used to establish a timeline for periodic equipment maintenance. Wear Particle Analysis Ferrography is the study of particles found in industrial oils and lubricants. Analyzing the composition, shape and size of solid contaminants gives laboratory technicians the clue to what may be going wrong with a piece of machinery. When the results of the test are matched to a certain type of equipment, laboratory experts can determine exactly what parts of a machine are subject to failure and when this is likely to occur. Planning A Maintenance Schedule TricoCorp works directly with the client to predict a timeline for machine fatigue. One of the costliest problems for companies using heavy industrial machinery is replacement parts and labor. This drains company profits and also creates abnormal downtime. Slowed production and high repair costs can be avoided by setting up a routine maintenance schedule based on results from fluid analysis. Not only will TricoCorp perform a complete test on industrial oils and lubricants, the company will train its clients on proper sampling procedures. A monitoring schedule can be set up to insure timely analysis of oil samples while keeping productivity at a high level. Oil sample analysis is a simple procedure that can save the client from financial disaster. TricoCorp - Is one of the leading oil analysis service provider in a USA, Familiarize yourself with the oil services we offer. We have a lab where we perform tests such as Oil Sample Analysis, coolants, lubricants, fuels testing etc. for more information please visit:-
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